Caring Ministries

At First Church, we are constantly seeking to make sure all the generations represented in our church are cared for in as many ways as we are able. If you have a need for someone to care about you, please let us know by calling 667-0876. 

  • Care Task Force

    Contacts and prays for the sick and homebound

    Meets Tuesday mornings, 11:00am, Room E030

    Contact: Rev. Jeremiah Harris, 667-0876 or Dolores Pancoast, 669-1918

  • Prayer Ministries

    FUMC's Caring Ministries serves to meet the many aspects of pastoral care. This umbrella includes... 

    -Care Task Force, which is a team of volunteers who make phone calls and visitations of those who are home-bound or hospitalized. This team also, in many cases, serves the traditional roles of a prayer chain, as they pray for each Sunday's submitted prayer requests. This team is open to all members of the congregation who would like to pray, converse and visit those who are facing times of physical, emotional, or spiritual crisis. 

    -Wesley Visitation Team- This is another team of individuals who rather than tend to the congregation as a whole, have one or two individuals with whom they form a relationship and visit with on a regular basis. Those who are cared for by this team might be in good health, yet they are not able to attend worship on a regular basis. This ministry allows for team members to share with the care-receiver the latest happenings of the church, as well as helps to keep Care Task Force informed of any changes in the physical or spiritual health of those members who are not in regular attendance. 

    Each of these teams is always open to accepting new volunteers who would like to share in the gift of compassion to another. You do not need to be a bible scholar or theological academic, rather just have the heart to be in conversation and reach out to another just to let them know that they are cared for. For more information about how to serve, please don't hesitate to contact Rev. Jeremiah as director of the Caring Ministries teams.

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