Messages from our clergy

Thanks for stopping by our site! First UMC has a long and proud history serving the community of Loveland. In fact, we were established as a congregation even before Loveland became a city!

We have a motto: Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors. And we try hard to be an open and accepting congregation.

It is important that we open our hearts wide - to each other, to the Loveland community and to the world. It is not unusual for our congregation to be found sorting through food drive donations, volunteering for local non-profits, visiting folks in the hospital, hosting a homeless family in our building or constructing a home in Guatemala. Whenever possible, we try to love our neighbors as best we can. That often means we find ourselves in service, in this community as well as around the world.

It is just as important that we open our minds wide. We are a diverse congregation. And because we're not all cut from the same cloth, we want to learn from one another. This is a space where people can find opportunities to grow in their faith and to learn more about the abundant and joyful life God offers us all.

Finally, it is important that we open our doors wide. Wide enough for everyone. (Seriously. Everyone.) Whether you are white or black or brown or green, gay or straight or not sure, old, young or somewhere in between, whether or not you like "organized religion," whether you like to attend church regularly or wonder if the building will collapse if you enter... you get the idea. It doesn't matter who you are - we hope everybody can find warm friendship, genuine acceptance and a spiritual home in this community of faith.

On this site you can find opportunities to serve, you can learn about our various ministries, you can search archives of sermons and more. If you can't find what you're looking for, please call or email.

I hope you will visit soon!

Rev. Steve Goodier

Open Hearts.

Open Minds.

Open Doors.